Alter Family of Gerrer Hassidim & Descendants

The Gerrer Hassidic Dynasty

The Gerrer Hassidic Dynasty is the largest Hassidic group of Jewish in the world today

The Rebbes of Ger
CHIDDUSHEI HARIM - Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Alter (Rottenburg) Born Abt. 1798 died 10 March 1866 Gerrer Rebbe 1859 - 1866
SEFAT EMET - Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter (Born: 1847 in Warsaw, Poland Died: 1905 in Ger, Poland)
IMREI EMET - Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter (Born 25 December 1866 Died 3 June 1948) Gerrer Rebbe; 1905-1948
BAIS YISRAEL - Rabbi Yisrael ALTER Born 12 October 1895 Died 20 February 1977 Gerrer Rebbe 1948 - 1977
LEV SIMCHAH  - Rabbi Lev Simchah Bunem ALTER (Born 6 April 1898 died 6 August 1992) Rebbe 1977 - 1992
PNEI MENACHEM - Rabbi Pinchas Menachem ALTER (Born 9 June 1926 died 7 March 19960 Gerrer Rebbe 1992 - 1996
GERRER REBBE - Rabbi Ya'akov Aryeh ALTER (Born 1936   )Gerrer Rebbe 1996 -

Naomi Heymann is the Great Great Great Grand Daughter of the Chiddushei HaRim, the first Gerrer Rebbe Rabbi YITZCHAK MEIR ROTTENBERG who changed his name to ALTER.1799 to 1866

The Rebbe traces his lineage back to the Mahara"m ROTHENBERG 1215 to 1293.
His Grandson the 2nd Rebbe YEHUDA (ARYEH) LEIB ALTER (Sfas Emes) 1847  to 1905  married YOCHEVED RIVKAH KAMINER who was descended from Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Ben Yitzhaki  ) who was descended from Dovid HaMelek (King David).
The Gerrer Rebbe today
YA'AKOV ARYEH ALTER lives in Eretz HaKoddish - Israel. He is the leader of the largest Hassidic group in the World today.

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Civil Record of death of Chiddushei HaRim "Icek_Majer" death Record image

Civil record of the Marriage of Sfat Emes Leibusz page 1 Civil record of the Marriage of Sfat Emes Leibusz page 1

Signature of the Sfat Emes

The Rebbes of Ger

Abram Mordka's Birth Record

Imre Emet


Gerrer rebbe Lev Simchah

Gerrer Rebbe Pinchas Menachem

Gerre Rebbe Sfat Emes 

Yaacov Aryeh Present Gerrer Rebbe

Yaacov Aryeh Present Gerrer Rebbe