Marc Naomi & Devorah Heymann 
are from " Down Under" in Australia
On this site you will find our complete family trees (although it grows as we discover more). There are currently 18,000 names in this family tree

The actual Heymann Family Genealogy listed here dates  from the Kingdom of ancient Israel through the Exilarch / Gaonim of Babylonian Talmudic academies of Sura & Pumbedita to  Portugal and the Jachia, Dinis, De Milao, Abensur, then to the Henriques Families in Germany through to the present day Heymann's..
Listed are also other families that interconnect (Goldschmidt, Oppenheimer, Loew, Bacharach, etc )and go back in detail to the 9th Century (with some theory of links back to King David of Israel.)
If you click on the buttons here other families that interconnect with us will be revealed.
They include famous Family dynasties that descend from the first Chief Rabbi of Portugal Jahia Negro Ibn Ya'isch (b.1100) Advisor to Alfonso I King of Portugal,  Rashi (b. 1040) the greatest Jewish commentator of the Bible, The Chiddushei HaRim - the first Gerer Rebbe (b.1798) , Rabbi Judah Loew, the Maharal of Prague (b.1520), and Rabbi Jair Haiim Bacharach (b.1638), Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (b.1808), Moses & Felix Mendelsohn, Heinrich Heine (b. 1797) ,  Karl Marx, Robert J Oppenheimer (b. 1904) inventor of the A Bomb, 
There is a very extensive Goldschmidt Family traced from  from Hesse in Germany  (with Benedict Baruch Goldschmidt-Stuchert b.1575) and Oppenheimer family of Bankers & Court Jews originating from Heidelberg. These families inter married with other famous families like the Rothschilds.


There are many other Families who are just ordinary folk:
We live in or have lived in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia, New Zealand, USA, France, Italy,  Israel, Scotland, England, &  Australia
Marc Heymann, author of this Site

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Marc, Naomi & Devorah Heymann on Safari, South Africa Nov 2000

Marc Heymann Devorah Heymann and Naomi Lindwasser Heymann at Sharoni Katz and Alan Arnott Wedding Sept 2008